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GSoC 2014 – Muon package and initial apt-listbugs integration [Week3]


The past week I’ve finished the muon package, available @ on the gsoc-floris-2014 branch (use at your own risk!)

Also, I’ve finished up the KAuth support when adding/removing repos (already pushed to the master of Muon). Most importantly, I’ve started integrating apt-listbugs a most important component of Debian. What does this mean and how it will affect the end-user? Well, having apt-listbugs integrated means that the user will be warned when installing packages if the packages have some serious/grave/critical bugs!

I am still working on making it async and I hope to be done by tonight. Also, some formatting work on the dialog is still needed. Check it out bellow:

Apt-listbugs in action

After I finish the apt-listbugs integration, I will get started on writing up some apt unit tests as suggested by Aleix. Also, I will work with Sune on updating the qapt package as well.

In a nutshell:

This week:
*muon package
*KAuth support implemented
*initial apt-listbugs integration

Plans for next week:
*finish apt-listbugs integration (async, with pretty formatting!)
*apt unit tests
*update qapt package

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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